Apr 9, 2009

N2Y4 mobile app for good competition

If you are looking for a few more good mobile apps in the sustainability realm for your smart phone, check out these ones in the N2Y4 gallery. The project writeups here by the developers are excellent so I won't try to replicate them. Visit them and maybe vote for them too?
  • Localvore: What's in season where you are? Eat local, eat seasonal and reduce your food miles. $2.99 on Apple Store.
  • The Extraordinaries -- On-demand crowd-sourced volunteerism via smartphones (not yet live).
  • Monterey Seafood Guide: this I've blogged about before. Free on Apple Store.
  • SquarePeg (they tied into the SocialActions database)
  • 3rdWhale - LBS green-business finder. Free on Apple Store. Disclaimer: I now work here as the VP of Mobility & Sustainability.

In addition, there are a number of good feature phone apps that use SMS too. Notably - my favorite organization in this space -- Kiwanja, which does a lot of good work in healthcare in Malawi. Check out their FrontLine SMS app - way cool, super useful to humanity!

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